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Thread: good site to buy flash carts?

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    Ca good site to buy flash carts?

    i was just wonder what's the best website to buy flash carts(AceKard 2i) from(in Canada)? and if anyone has a different choice of card please let me know (for a nds)

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    acekard 2i is a good one

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    thank you!!!!!!

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    no problem, we also have sponsor links above but mm is in house best support....

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    we will have AceKard 2i in stock again in a couple days as well as M3i Zero, we can't ever seem to keep these two in stock for more than a couple weeks My recommendation is M3i Zero though.
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    I personally would not recommend I ordered from them because I figured I would be able to get my card fast with a decent price since they are centrally located in the US. They dont divulge the fact that they are only an order taker and have all of their merch drop shipped. So naturally that means, you guessed it, Hong Kong. Not that Im against that but I think it should be only fair that they tell you your order is going to take a while to get to you. After a couple of email inquiries they just blamed it on the holidays and slow shipping from USPS even though it only had to travel a couple of hundred miles to get to me. I would have been better off ordering from leetmod or someone like that.

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    got 3 from got in 5 days. One earlier this year and two couple of weeks ago. fast easy. provide tracking numbers. I hear modchip-depot is good too.

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    6,289 is very cheap

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    Us also is a good site to get acekard 2i and R4i DSi card.
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    Quote Originally Posted by richardsito View Post is very cheap
    How fast do they ship?

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