I want to personal Thank those who gave the time and effort to making such great softmodding guides and to the creators of the apps that allowed me to softmod my wii and the creators of the Awsome Homebrew on the wii.

I purchased my wii used from a local used game shop 2 weeks ago looking to see what best modchip to get and I stumbled across this awsome site and found out that a wii can be softmodded and that there was great tutorials on how to do this.

Thankyou Dogeggs for making a great 3.1-4.1 softmod any Wii tutorial
before i did anything to my wii i read this guide atleast 10x and the first time
I installed everything on my wii and at the end of that guide my wii was softmodded, the first time I EVER tried doing something like this

There are way to many people to name to thank but you know who you are,
Just want to personal thank you for your hard work and the time you gave out of your personal lives to make these great apps for the wii

I am able to use USB Loader gx with a 1tb wd external hd, load wii and Gamecube backups through the disc channel and make game wads for my games that are installed on my usb hd and updated my wii from 4.0 to 4.1 offline all through guides and tutorials Found here

Thanks can not be said enough