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Thread: PAL - Punch Out Update

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    PAL - Punch Out Update

    My PAL wii has never updated from it's 3.3E, and it's hardmodded with a D2Pro v3 SPI chip. The chip was already installed when I bought the console.
    My console has no access to the internet though, because at home, I only use a mobile broadband (which the console doesn't support).
    I have no homebrews installed though.

    I've recenly bought a legit Punch-Out Wii (same region), but when I tried to run it, it told me to update the system. I've looked in a thread that this game will update the system to 3.4.
    I'm aware that firmware updates on a console with the same region will not brick or harm the console. But I'm not sure about being able to run burned discs though.

    So here's my question:
    Will I be able to play my Wii and Gamecube burned discs after I update the system using the Punch-Out disc?
    (all the discs are burned from Verbatim DVD-R using Imgburn with 2x-4x speed, and they're all PAL)

    I'll be more likely to ask the same question when I consider buying New Super Mario Bros. Wii as well, since it desires version 4.1.

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    Both games Punch-Out and NSMB will update your system and it will be fine afterwards. The no update rule applies mainly to softmod.

    Just watch out for discs with 4.2 in future as that is designed to break a lot of backup stuff.
    Not really doing much Wii stuff these days.

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    Followed your advice, the system still works fine. =)

    Many thanks for your helpfulness. I feel much relieved now.
    And thanks for warning me about the 4.2 update as well. I've heard about the problems it can cause to modded consoles.


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