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Thread: What am I doing wrong?

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    Question What am I doing wrong?

    Ok, I have a black wii, it has the G3 drive chip not the G3-2, the wii came with 4.2 and was updated to 4.2e
    I followed messies hack tut and have all the stuff as it should be but...

    I can get as far as loading the game via USBloader_GX but I was either getting a black screen or the error #002. I have used wiiscrubber and wiipatcher and that seems to have cured the #002 error but it won't go any further, I just get a black screen. after learning how to use the previous programs I subsequently learned that the usbloader_gx had a switch for the #002 error, sod law that lol but worth learning anyway.

    The games are on a Fujitsu 100Gb 2.5" HDD that is in a small case, its connected and powered via 2 usb plugs, similar to this case

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    Ok I considered the possibility it could be the drive and usb method. IDE drive using 2 usb sockets up to take power, so I tried to load a game and after approx 10mins the game screen loaded I got through a few menus but it was slow so I think I need a powered USB HDD. I have a sata 2.5" HDD so i'll get a case for that and have external power.


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