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Thread: Bricked Wii after Preloader install

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    Bricked Wii after Preloader install

    I have a Wii which was running v4.0. I had installed the HBC, successfully, previously and decided to softmod it to play backups.

    I followed instructions which required running the Trucha Bug Restorer. That portion was successful, according to the prompts. Next I installed cIOS36 rev 09, per the instructions, this was successful. Next IOS60 was patched, successfully.

    The next step was to install Preloader. I followed the instructions and onscreen prompts. Preloader stated it had installed successfully and was waiting 5 seconds. Several minutes later, it was still on that same screen.

    After powering down the console and turning it back on, the drive light flashed once, the power light stayed green, but no picture was sent to the TV.

    I did some looking into Preloader and found the hack settings based on version and location. Upon viewing the hack.ini which I presume was used when Preloader was installed, I saw that the settings within the file were for EU but I have a US system. I don't know if this would have caused this brick.

    I've tried holding down the reset button while powering on the system, but that does not seem to do anything.

    Is there any hope for unbricking this system?


    Please disregard this post. I explored many options for fixing this Wii but was unable to find one that worked and didn't require purchasing hardware to attempt. I have gone ahead and purchased a used system to replace the bricked Wii. Good luck to anyone else who has bricked their system.
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