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Thread: puzzled by chips

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    puzzled by chips

    hey all,

    im new to the wii modding and have been looking into getting mine modded. i decided to buy a wii after playing my friends console.

    the only difference between mine and his is that i have just brought mine last week. (did the serial search and it said that it was about a 50% chance of it being a gc2-dc2 chip). my friend got his pretty much on release day.

    the part that puzzles me at the moment are the modchips.

    i have been trying to research it the best i can, but it can be hard when you dont really know what you are looking for. all of the websites i have been to appear to be dated around early 2007. basically all me and my friend are looking for are modchips that will play imports (we are in uk so get games last) and backups.

    as our boards are prob different i dont know what chips would be best for us.

    it would be great if someone could suggest a decent chip to use for our wiis as i am finding it mindboggling at the mo tbh.

    thank you for taking the time to read this and hope to hear from you guys soon



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    If you live in the UK then you probably owning the PAL version of the Wii. And YOUR wii board chipset is D2C (From what you say) there are multiple modchips you can use: D2CKey, D2CPro, D2PRO, Argon,.... They all allow you to play back ups and partially unlock the region but there is a big risk of bricking/semi bricking in playing game that is not in your region (PAL/NTSC) I would recommend sticking to PAL (European) games only since if you mod your wii the warranty is void and if you screw it up Nintendo won't fix it for you. But however there are ways to play different region game you can search around for someting like Playing NTSC on Pal Wii or Wii Brickblocker and RegionFrii. Hope i was able to help.

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    thanks for the info luan, its a BIG help!

    ive managed to get hold of both of the utils you have mentioned so as soon as i get my chip (when i decide on one lol) its ready to go. the versions i have are as follows

    wii brick blocker 1.3

    region frii 1.21

    would it be possible to confirm that these are the latest releases just so i know that theres nothing to upgrade and im pretty much set

    my friend and i both have pal wiis, would you reccommend a decent chip for an older console? hes had a look at a few but cant make his mind up.

    thanks for the reply mate.


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    Hmm, about the softwares I don't know if they are the latest releases since i plan to stick to my region games lol. And depend on different Wii you gonna need different chips for your(which is a D2C) you can use the chips i mentions. As for your friend's wii I need to know what chipset is his wii using. But if he got it right on the release day then prolly one of D2A chip or someting then WiiKey prolly the best options. you can look in one of the sticky threads to determine which chipset your wii is and which mod chip best for it. But if it Come to any between Wiikey i proly say Wiikey is the best for the older wii since they have updates but it prolly be pretty hard to solder one of those if you're planning to solder. My best advice is if you're not PRO with soldering small eletric joints don't attempt it unless you can afford a new wii. I'm going with a Solderless D2CKey for my wii to prevent the complication of soldering ;D! GL on getting these stuff man. and just wondering where are you ordering your chips?

    PS: oh yeah one notice there is a clone version of WiiKey out there so becareful when you buy them. I heard they're the same but you prolly want the real stuff for your money right XD

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    hi mate - thanks for the reply again.

    i was going to go for the wasabi chip myself as it dont seem too bad and is updatable via dvd.

    my mate was looking at the wiija chip for his.

    im gonna get one of my friends to mod them for me cos im useless with soldering things lol hes more familiar with that side.

    the website i was going to order the chip off was

    dont seem to bad. ill have a look through here though and see if theres any other uk websites on stickys etc so i can compare.

    think im one step closer to actually understanding this lol

    thanks again matey


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    NP! gl with finding the right chips. I don't really know much about Wasabi or Wiija since they aren't really comon anymore. They seen to be very outdated. I'm still sticking to my recommendations for D2C: D2Ckey/Pro, D2Pro, Older version: Wiikey. Anyway i think mxconsoles or someting is another UK reseller. I'm looking to order a Solderless D2CKey from but still haven't come up with the money yet =P

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    sods law then that i was looking at outdated chips lol

    ill have a proper look at the D2C ones that you mentioned. seem to be pretty much the same price. ill tell me mate about wiikey. thats really the only problem theres so many to choose lol

    solderless is a damn fine idea, expensive though but saves alot of hassle if you are doing it youself. me mate said that he would do mine for free so as long as i can settle on a chip job should be a good one!

    was kinda hoping for one that would update from a dvd though cos i dont like messig round with the internals and that. the 360 was bad enough for me lol

    my only concern at the mo is ordering the chip and it not showing up, have read alot on the net about people ordering and taking ages to come round. looked for uk sites around the threads but not found much.

    when i get time im gonna do a proper search and then post the UK sites i find up on here to save people time.

    cheers mate


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    Hmm, If you want to go for simple soldering I say you should defintely check out the D2Pro chip since it only 9 wires. And I think one of the latest chip out there is the Argon. There so many mo chips out there XD. Oh about about the odering of chip not showing up? where did you hear that from? I only know peole getting problem like that from but it is only because they were overloaded with preoders for teh Wii Clip + D2CKEY/Pro solderlss and they're stop pre ordering and slowly fill up the pre ordereds. anyway I was gonna order one from if anyone has any comment about this sit let me know.

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    I recently had mine chipped a couple of months ago.

    I had an old wii - a release one. I think i may have been supplied with a YAOSM but it's fine.

    Anyway what i was going to say was and this isn't spamming was that i got the guy from nintendo wii chipping service | nintendo modchip installation | wiikey

    He was genuine nice and offers a good service. I can't recommend him enough. I live near by so took the console to him, had a chat about the way it all works and 30ish minutes later he had fitted the chip and i was on my way home.

    I don't mean to sound like an add but it's probably better to get a professional to do it then risk soldering your own wii and breaking it.


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