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Thread: cios corp question

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    cios corp question

    i started with cios corp 3.3 100 games work great everthing works fine. Now when they realese 3.4 i install it now 7 out of my 100 games dont work why???. Go back to 3.3 they all work. now the newest realease 3.5 i install now 5 of my 100 games dont work why????. I reinstall 3.3 everything is fine why????. are new version not supposed to improve upon the old??????

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    You are right it should work, there is a list floating around with compatiblity with games on this, but if ver 3.3 works best for you, so be it.

    Use Neogamma for the odd one or two games that won't run on it, but most do, and its got a Gamecube loader in the extras too.
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    thanks but would still love to no why lol

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    CIOSCORP Fail is win!!!


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