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Thread: priiloader .29 hack problem

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    priiloader .29 hack problem

    Can anyone help me please. Im trying to get my system menu 386 to work with priiloader.29. i doawnloaded priiloader and hacks.ini for europe. i think my firmware is 4.1. copyied hack.ini to root but when i check on priiloader at system menu hacks it comes up with error
    couldent find hacks.ini in fat nor nand
    any ideas

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    v386 Sys Menu is 3.4. There are no hacks for 3.4 and Priiloader actually corrupts the Sys Menu loading.

    You have three choices

    A) Install IOS50 v4889 and Sys Menu v386 to stay at 3.4 without Priiloader


    B) Update to 4.1 by installing IOS60patched Free File Hosting Made Simple - MediaFire Sys Menu v450.


    C) Update to 4.1 by following this tutorial which does the same thing as B but uses wifi to download the Sys menu.

    For B & C you can then install Priiloader again.
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    can it brick my wii and also the link for b is not avaliable anymore do you know anymor links cheers


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