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    Abc lost

    I am LOST

    I have a Wii that my wife and I bought. I hadn't planned on hacking it, especially when I read how to hack with a mod chip. Soldering and trearing apart electronics after you spend $300 is not a great idea. Anyway my buddy found how to softhack using homebrew, wii gator etc...

    I am not sure what he did, only how to use it. Then after a few burns I run into this #002 error. So I found a wad---btw what the hell is a wad, firmware, cIOS, IOS, etc... I am lost on all these terms used. Wikkey NO IDEA

    Sorry anyway this wad I was saying with music the fix for #002. Yeah it worked on a couple games like Punchout. Well now trying the New Super Mario Bros. no help, same exact error.

    I tried this tuitorial on how to fully modify your Wii to safely play backup games, it works on all wiis up to 4.1 regardless of serial number/region etc this includes boot2 v4 Wiis aka 'LU64-65' models, If you bought your Wii this year and it came with 3.4+ on it then it will be a boot2 v4.

    Tried this and I am lost again what can ya do?

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    click the dictionary link in my sig that will give u understanding of the terms,
    if you don`t understand some words used in forum for wii then check out my wii dictionary

    if the information i gave you helped you in anyway please click the thanks button


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