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Thread: LU72 Issue

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    LU72 Issue

    I bought wii with S/N LU72 and v4.1U in last week as a gift, I followed the Guide ( ) to install the HBC, TBR Pack, Backup Launcher Channel and Backup_Channel_Gamm, everything were installed without any problem, but no luck! When running Backup Launcher getting " DVD read error 324 " and using Backup Channel Gamma show up " DVD read error 349 ", both +R and -R discs were tried. I used same way on LU71 v4.1u in month ago, working great, I can play both +R or -R disc without any problem. The ony difference is DVDx 35 was found in the installer note for LU72, DVDx 36 is in the LU71 installer note. Is there anyone please help me to fig that out? Very Appreciate!

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    its quite possible it has the new D3-2 chipset, which means you cannot play DVDR on it, the only option is USB harddrive or SD card loading.

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    Thanks for your quick reply.


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