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Thread: Need help installing wads!! Plz help fast

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    Unhappy Need help installing wads!! Plz help fast

    ive tried MULTIPLE guides, and none of them worked. i did the wiiscrubber and got the IOS16 file off of it, and put it into the wads file, but the only wad manager i can run is 1.4 and 1.5, and they get an error when trying to install it. wad manager 1.3 just freezes. i just got like ALL the f****** wads for vc, wiiware and it took all night to download i have the 4.2 w/ wii shop channel update, but just hacked after update via bannerbomb. i also have the wad manager the runs specifically off of IOS16, also doesnt work. what do i do???

    and dont just quote what i said and call me a retard. i hate that. >
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    The IOS16 downgrade is quite an old method now and doesn't work on 4.2. TBR also doesn't work on 4.2.

    So to get a cIOS (to enable wad installs) you'll need to follow a tutorial, here it is
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    OMG!!! x))) hope this works. if it does, i will.

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    YAYA =D i think its working.. but either way i have custom ios now. thank so much =]

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    yep works perfect. i guess all of my games but 1 were not my region. but i got a region free thing, and know how to use it, so its good.


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