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Thread: The Grinder.

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    The Grinder.

    Probably the best game coming out next year.

    its gonna support wii-speak....really activison how can you not put in wii speak?


    if you want more info

    TGN is probs the best site, plus i talked to hvs employees on the livechat.
    How cool is that

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    Its pretty cool I've talked to the creators of WODE.

    If you get any info make sure to post it.

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    to be honest, i dont know what wode is.

    Im guessing its something to do with hacking.

    But yeah high voltage staff are always on, and they give out merchandise to members who give them good ideas to put into games!

    I got some signed art from them

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    Pics or it didn't happen, thats the rule.

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    you want pics of my merchandise?

    go to the grinder network lol everyone uploads theres oto the members network


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