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Thread: Wii Burned game question.

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    Wii Burned game question.

    Happy Thanksgiving everyone I have a question. Okay so i have a question. I was wondering if someone could help me. My lil neice has a wii that her mom got her and she had a guy hack it so it would play burned games. & it has been. So this morning i tried to put the game twlight that i burned last night in the wii and play it. i loaded it up from the disc channel. (where the other burned games read from for exp. mario cart) & it came up with a screen that said: (this hardware requires that you upgrade the system. & if i countined if the system is pretty much modded or what not, then it may mess up the system. So i wanted to check before i it ok, or will i brick it, or what should i do? The wii im not sure what model it is, but i can tell you that they brought it the day after thanksgiving in 2007. two yrs ago. Any help on this would be appricated!!! Thanks

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    Before changing anything make sure you understand whats happening.
    Check if you have priioader, and bootmii, on an old Wii like this you will most likely get boot2.
    You will need to know what system software it has ie 4.1U

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    hmmm no i didnt..i downloaded it and extracted the rar files to one iso, and burned it with img do i need to create another iso? how would i patch it?

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    how do i find out if it has bootmii or prii loader?

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    Quote Originally Posted by bigsqearl21 View Post
    how do i find out if it has bootmii or prii loader?
    If you have bootmii you will have SD\bootmii on your SD card.
    Power off hold reset contunouosly, poweron when screen appears release reset.
    You should have the preloader screen.

    As I said in my welcome message, best to know these things before doing mods, you could brick your Wii, plus you will stagger from question to question.

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    the sd card says san disk for wii. then it has a litlle arrow pointing down and the word lock next to it. it say 2.0 gb. the sd symbol is at the bottom. on the back it has this number. be06316116350.

    & warning-health and warning before playing...etc etc press a to continue. when i did what u told me to do. & yeah i know. if i had done this i would have know because i would have made sure i was doing the right thing. like im doing now.

    Soo does this mean its a bootmii?

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    ok i downloaded it. nowwhen i patch it, it should work then?


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