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Thread: Semi-brick (NTSC) through recent game update

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    Semi-brick (NTSC) through recent game update

    Cannot access settings menu (get Opera issue) on Wii - after web searching discovered this would be a 'SEMI-BRICK'.

    How can I get it back to normal?

    Wii is a US NTSC bought and chipped in Hong Kong - I bought it from a friend and do not know what chip it has. It has no non-standard software on it (no homebrew channel etc).

    I have not tried to access the settings for a while, on loading a fairly new game recently it asked to do an update, but I cannot remember exactly which game it was. However checking my PC it appears I used a PAL COD Modern Warfare Reflex disc so that could be the likely culprit.

    Before I do anything I thought I'd consult the experts - there appears to be some semi-brick fix discs out there but the forum entries are old and I don't want to make the situation worse.

    I normally just burn and play the games and do not venture any further in to Wii hacking - am happy and capable to follow instructions but all Wii terminology to me is new.

    Any help gratefully received.

    Recent games I've played (in case this helps)- I always go for NTSC games if it is displayed, it would appear I downloaded a couple of games without checking.

    The Conduit
    Sports Resort
    Tiger Woods Golf 2010
    COD Modern Warfare Reflex
    Mario & Sonic at Winter Olympic games

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    Run the update on New Super Mario Bros, it has a 4.1 update and will fix your semi-brick.
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    I have tried to different NTSC versions of New Super Mario Bros and I get "Cannot read disc" message from the Disc channel on both. One version I even tried another computer to burn the disc.

    Both versions talk about using "NeoGamma" with any chips.... is this something I should look into?

    Any ideas on next steps?

    Many thanks.

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    I have now fixed my issue - my settings menu is back + I'm starting to understand some of the confusing terminology .....

    In case it helps, this is what I did, given no single guide solved my issue. Usual disclaimer, unlike the folks on the forum, I am no expert, this worked for me, it may or may not work for you.

    Situation: Did not know system version I was on, PAL update on NTSC Wii with unknown chip, resulted in semi-brick, ie could not access settings menu.

    Everything else on the system is 'as normal'

    1) Tried advice to run New Super Mario Brothers but the two versions I tried would not even load.

    2) Followed guide successfully on WiiHacks to step 4-

    - Everything worked as far as Step (4) which asks to

    - At this point my menu is still not working, I now have a HOMEBREW channel but this step of the process requires NETWORK access which is configured via the menu I cannot access.

    3) At this stage I jumped to another tutorial on WiiHacks:

    Where I downloaded the system menu file corresponding to the country and approximate version of my Wii (in my case System Menu v417 (4.0u))

    4) In step (2) one of the things you add to you HOMEBREW screen is the WAD-MANAGER - this program lets you install files found on the SD card you have in the Wii. I simply added the system menu file onto the SD card and used the WAD-MANAGER to install them.

    5) I reset the Wii and my settings menu is back. This allowed me to setup my network and carry on with process in step (2) - upgrading the system to 4.1. Etc etc....

    Parts of the above process allows you to install features and do backups that should in turn make this less likely to happen in the future or easier to get out of.

    This worked for me, my settings are back. I did it as a leap of faith and I do not know if I have created future problems....

    Many thanks to those who put the tutorials etc together.

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