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Thread: 1TB WD External HDD 50% Off (U.S. only)

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    1TB WD External HDD 50% Off (U.S. only)

    I thought some might find this useful. Tomorrow on Black Friday Target has some VERY good prices on WD external hard drives.

    WD Elements External Hard Drive - 1 TB - $59.98
    Western Digital Elements 500GB Portable Hard Drive - $59.98

    Both of these are on the usb compatibility list as working for usb loading. I've been putting off getting an external drive but don't think I'll be passing this deal up. Happy hunting!

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    Thanks for the heads up.

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    I was just in Target last night, and $110 is the regular price for both the 500GB and 1TB, so $60 is a steal. I went to a store once once black friday, never again will I do that.

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    Yeah that is why I am going to send my wife She loves shopping.

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    Just picked up the last WD 1TB at my local Target for $60.00.
    I really did not need it, but I will us it to backup my PC.
    I was in the store for !0 minutes, man was I lucky.
    The store was mobed....

    Don't forget the thanks button...

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    Just got back from 2 Targets. Got to the first one about 10mins after opening and they were gone. Oh well, got some gas, back to sleep.
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    Just got mine also had to send my wife back to the store because she got me the 500 gb one at first. I am going to try and see if some are available tomorrow and buy another one. Thanks again.

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    Glad you got one. I got lucky too. Heck of a deal.

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    Yea I had some luck with getting these drives. I wanted to get the 1TB instead of the 500GB but I guess I got there too late. I walked inside the store not even 2 minutes after they started letting people in. It took me about 5 minutes till I got back to the electronics department and when I got to the isle, there were no 1TB's left and only 1 500GB. I snatched that one right up. I could have gotten a 1.5TB seagate for $90 but I didnt know if that one was compatable. Atleast with this one, its working great. I already got usb loader GX up and working and got like 3 games on it already. I plan on ripping all of my games onto the drive in time and use the discs as backups. Would it be better to rip them using usb loader or to use wbfs manager? I have hundreds of games.
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    If you have the games in disc form only, you can rip them directly using USB Loader GX. However, if they are in ISO format already, then using WBFS Manager to add to the HDD is actually easier because you won't have to do them one at a time. Either browse and add a bunch or drag the ISO icons to the WBFS right-hand window and then you can walk away and let WBFS Mgr add the ISOs over a few minutes or hours-whatever your comfort level.

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