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Thread: System Files Corrupted

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    System Files Corrupted

    well today I was copying a few game saves to my SD, everything went well.

    as soon as I pressed back from the saves menu to get to the wii system menu I got the system files are corrupted message

    why would this happen?
    the only thing I uninstalled was neogamma since I dont use it via wad manager and everything went okay

    verified and I only get this message after viewing the saves menu

    any help apreciated

    well I tried doing the thing that causes the corrupted screen to appear with another SD card(completely empty)
    and I don't get the error so the problem might be my sd card files in it, going to backup and format the "bad" sd card and see if I get the error still.

    problem solved: think it was caused for having bannerbomb on the sd card still?
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    Currently 4.1u(from 3.3u using waninkoko's updater) LU61 wii with D3-2 drive >_< 80GB WD Passport HDD
    Neogamma R8 B7 for testing , dont use it much
    USB loader GX r838
    BootMii as IOS (backup of NAND on PC)
    Preloader 0.29 system menu v449
    System IOS v60 cIOS 38 Rev 14

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    It could be but bannerbomb would normally just freeze your Wii when you go into settings.

    Oh well at least it's sorted now.
    Not really doing much Wii stuff these days.


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