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Thread: Resident Evil: DSC

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    Resident Evil: DSC

    I know I know. I kinda made a topic like this on the burn disc section. hey im only human. I heard that this is the section where most people discuss on how to fix or getting back ups to run.

    Anyway I have the ISO for Resident Evil: the Dark side Chronicles. A friend of mine gave me a disc with the iso already burned in it he tested the game on his wii himself and my brother as a witness and the game worked just fine without any problems and his wii has a modchip. now when I tested this game on my wii it permanently freezes on random parts during the opening sequence. I have a softmodded wii through twilight hack and its on 3.2U. and I also have Neogamma R8 Beta 3 with IOS Rev 14, Ios 53 and 55 installed.

    The things I have tried was reburning the ISO but at 1x but it didn't work it just froze again on another random part of the opening sequence. another thing Ive tried was just skipping the opening sequence but it froze on the menu. My last attempt was renaming the ID of the iso using Wii iso renamer v3 to RBDP08 but it didn't work it just frooze again on the opening.

    Is my Wii Missing something? or is it just that the ISO was a bad dump?

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    hey I REDSC and it works just fine for me. on 4.1 U. So I believe it's a bad dump. Get one at you should see it.

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    I used Neogamma R8 Beta 13 and now the game worked whats the weird part is that after I finished playing it. I turned on the wii again to test the game a second time to see if it works and the weird part is that it froze once again during the opening cutscenes.

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    I have a problem.

    So I placed the ISO in the Wii HDD, then used USB loader. It detected the game, however when I load it, I get blue screen with Disc Read Error.


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