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Thread: error 1053

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    error 1053

    neogammar8b7 ios249rev 14 on 3.3u modern marfare gives error 1053 please help

    burned w img at 2x bought wii 18 mths ago was using .3 backup launcher every game worked til cod reflex
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    That error can mean one of two things:

    1. bad burn/bad media: use UmgBurn or Nero software to burn your game backup ISO to Verbatim DVD-R blanks. Try an initial burn speed of 4X, if that fails try 2.4 or 2X and finally 1X if these settings are available. try a few games-try an older game too just to check things out.

    2. If all fail and your Wiii has been purchased within 3-4 months, your Wii might have the D3-2 chip and the workaround is to play from an external USB HDD. In that case, this guide might be helpful:


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