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Thread: Strange load issues

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    Exclamation Strange load issues

    I recently softmoded a friends wii the same way as mine, but I am getting different responses on certain games between the two. I used "New 3.1-4.1 Softmod for ANY Wii" posted here, "AWESOME GUIDE BY THE WAY!!!". Both my friend and I have our wii's at 4.1u, the strange thing is some of the games will work on mine and not his and vise versa. The oddest of them being Iron Man, and Stars Wars -Light Sabre Duels will play fine on his and when I load them on mine the screen flashes in and out constantly making them impossible to play. Now just to note my friends wii we softmodded prior to formating it and using the above named guide with "4.0 softmod for dummies", but found an issue with a vunerability on ios 36, last evening so we formatted it and used the "New 3.1-4.1 Softmod for ANY Wii" to redo his as well. I am stumped by this considering they are both identical now in softmod and use of loaders and the hard drives are even identical. Can anyone give me some insight on what to do or where to start looking for a possible answer.

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    I'd guess you were both running different IOS revisions, his being a bit newer. You can run Signcheck or DOP-IOS (or even DOP-IOS MOD) to check which versions you both have. Signcheck will export it's findings to an excel document on the root of your SD card. Compare your IOS lists with This List to see if there are any which need to be updated.

    If there are, you can use DOP-IOS or NUS Downloader to get them.
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    Thanks Ithian I didn't think of that since we installed the same guide ios's on each but I will dl these and give it a shot. I will respond on how it works out and Thanks again!!

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