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Thread: new super mario bros protection stripped

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    new super mario bros protection stripped

    Hi everyone

    there seens to be an new patched version of new super mario bros wii
    named: new super mario bros protection stripped

    there some people saying that this really works for hardmod wii without any softmod need, only a modchip.

    but the problems is the torrent links are all without seed, only a few on some torrent private site.

    i found this torrent site with this version of the game:

    needs registration.

    can anyone help me with that and find some other links or downloading with me for we can test if its really works!

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    just get one of the MANY other releases that work. Check out the guide by davepm and pet1. There's really no need for another thread about this game since it's already working on usb AND disc.

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    and ive already removed this exact same thread once in the last 10 minutes.

    Thankyou riquezin for volunteering to keep the Reading Room tidy for the next week.....

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    I didnt look to see which thread was started first, but someone with a different ID made the same exact post but the thread title is a tad bit different.
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