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Thread: Resident Evil Disc Problem

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    Resident Evil Disc Problem

    Just to clarify im just here to seek help from the community if you are going to comment and all you are going to do is just burn then I suggest you leave this topic now.

    Anyway I have the ISO for Resident Evil: the Dark side Chronicles. A friend of mine gave me a disc with the iso already burned in it he tested the game on his wii himself and my brother as a witness and the game worked just fine without any problems and his wii has a modchip. now when I tested this game on my wii it permanently freezes on random parts during the opening sequence. I have a softmodded wii through twilight hack and its on 3.2U. and I also have Neogamma R8 Beta 3 with IOS Rev 14, Ios 53 and 55 installed.

    The things I have tried was reburning the ISO but at 1x but it didn't work it just froze again on another random part of the opening sequence. another thing Ive tried was just skipping the opening sequence but it froze on the menu. My last attempt was renaming the ID of the iso using Wii iso renamer v3 to RBDP08 but it didn't work it just frooze again on the opening.

    Is my Wii Missing something? or is it just that the ISO was a bad dump?

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    Have you tried it on NeoGamma r7 or r6? You can try to run it through HBC. Maybe you could be in luck.

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    Tried and it didn't work it still frooze during the opening sequence

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    I have the same issue, i will try putting on the cIOSCORP v3.5 and let you know in about 1 hour

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    ok.....this is pretty weird. I used Neogamma R8 beta 13 and got the game working without any freezes I kept playing untill i finished the first chapter. after that I turned off the wii and then turned it on to test the game again.

    and the funny thing is that the game froze AGAIN during the opening cut scenes.

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    reply to R.E

    Hi all, i upgraded to cIOSCORP v3.5 but it didnt help, some times it the cut scene sometime its just in to the game.

    I am getting the Pal version now and seeing if this is any better, i'll keep you posted.

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    Having the same issues here aswell, i find when i do get into game and save.

    Upon restarting the game later with a DSC save on the wii it freezes randomly during the cut scenes and loading.

    Might have something to do with the saved data on the wii or something because when i delete it after playing game loads fine.

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    Smile fix found

    Hi Guys,

    I found the problem. Seems like the pal wii doesnt like the NSTC version even though we have put on the 'fix'.

    But here is a working one ISO, you will need to sign up for a free acount to get the file but its the pal vesion and i have been playing it fine for the last 4 days. 80)

    :: WiiSOS :: Tu portal de descargas e información Wii

    You can thank me now, Enjoy!
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