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Thread: No game image on disc channel

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    No game image on disc channel

    pre 4.2 softmod all backups and original games showed the game image on the disc channel.

    updated to 4.2 and soft-modded following the guide and now all backups no longer show their game pic on the disc channel, is there an other ios or something i need to install for them to show?

    not that it really matters i guess, but i like it there so i know if me or my kids left a game in the wii when i go to turn it on.


    *edit* it also gives the Unable to read disc error on the disc channel with backups. when before it would show the game like a normal wii disc, but wouldnt load due the fact that it was a backup...
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    bumping to hopefully get this issue resolved...

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    You probably had cIOSCORP (FAIL) installed prior to your update, now it's gone.

    Two choices..

    1) Install cIOSCORP 3.5 (FAIL)

    2) Install a modchip or wait for WODE (WIN)
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    never had cioscorp installed... just hbc, dvdx, and bootmii... along with cios rev 13 or 14 cant remember which one...


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