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Thread: What should WBFS game file sizes be

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    What should WBFS game file sizes be

    I have been adding files to a memory stick with wbfs manager 3.0.
    Some i have downloaded and are all 4.5gb. when i transfer them they come out at about 400 / 600mb. Some come out at 2 / 3 gb how is this happening is there a way to compress them or should wbfs do that. Are some files been wiiscrubbed which would make them smaller when tranfered ? I have formatted memory stick with wbfs manager before hand and all games work.

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    Some games we download are pre-scrubbed, some are full size 4.37GB.

    wbfs volume games are between 100MB and 4.30GB and larger for dual layers.
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    basically, every (unmodified) iso you download has two different sizes:

    1. The actual size which is used on your computer's hard drive. (what you see in Windows)
    2. The size of the files in the disc. (what you see in WBFS)

    Every Wii or Gamecube disc is going to be the same size when freshly dumped from a DVD. But, the files in the disc don't always fill the entire disc. There's free (null) space in each ISO.

    The only reason some ISOs on your computer are smaller (same size as what you see in WBFS) is when the original person you got the iso from "scrubbed" it, meaning he trimmed the free space off the disc, making it take less space.

    Search the forum for WiiScrubber. That is the program which can make the file take less space.

    So, in the end the files in WBFS are not compressed at all. So, there isn't a way to make them smaller.

    Whew, I hope you understand a little better now. Happy Thanksgiving!
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    Cheers for replies.
    I see i thought i could do something to reduce the size so taking less space on my wii hard drive. I thought i was doing some different to everyone. That clears this up. So games will vary on size and can be upto the 4.30gb size.
    Thanks again


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