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Thread: disc unreadable error mid game?

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    disc unreadable error mid game?

    ok guys, first real post here... ive softmodded and got games working, eg nsmb and paper mario. ive burnt the games on a a taiyo yuden 16x dvd+r, but i burnt it on the lowest speed the dis can which is at 8x.

    the games work fine, but at time i get a disc read error mid game. sometime all i need to do is take the disc out and wipe it, and other times this wont work. its happened a few times with both game(only games i have which are copied) ... my question is, whats the problem. why am i getting the disc is unreadable error. is it because of the discs... burnt incorrectly, wrong disc type? anything else?

    any help appreciated


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    use verbatim DVD-r s at 4x

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    have been looking through that sticky on what discs to use... seems it may be due to using dvd+

    i ordered some more taiyo yudens, but 16x dvd-... will they be ok to use or should i also pick up the verbs aswell?

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    they should work if burned slowly,,.

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    same error

    ive used verb-r on 1to1 cod works perfectly but any others eg f1 2009 shutsdown during play to show unable to read dvd,take out wipe etc and insert away we go for minuets then same again any ideas

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    tried two diff writers same senario dif games downloads to.i think i might give usb loading ago.any good link as to required etc cheers john

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    sounds like scratched dvds, or a bad dvd burner.

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    or bad download... or overheating problem... cant really tell


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