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Thread: Original/Retail.. non burned NSMB on Wiikey

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    Original/Retail.. non burned NSMB on Wiikey

    Question - does the ORIGINAL version, non dumped, non burned.. I'm talking the one you pay money for here, work with wiikey installed? Does the protection on NSMB detect a modchip, or does it detect that it's been backed up/reburned?

    I just want to know, before I go out and buy it. Tired of these fixes not working. I don't want to back it up or anything, I just want to put the original in, since backing it up is a pain.


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    The retail will work absolutely fine.

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    Quote Originally Posted by davepm View Post
    The retail will work absolutely fine.
    Thanks dave.

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    I have the same thing but I am too scared to upgrade it to 4.2 as Im sure it will brick it. can you advise???

    I have a wiikey, NO homebrew or anything else..and its a PAL wii for Aust.


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    NMSB has a 4.1 update so at least you'll be safe from 4.2 for a while.
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    Hi retail NSMB works fine on 4.0E softmod + wiikey 2 with disc update blocked in wiikey settings

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    So, you guys are saying if I have a 4.2 system, with wiikey, retail NSMB won't work? What's the dif between 4.1 and 4.2? I read that it messes up some stuff with USB playing, but I didn't know it'll "brick" it if you have a mod chip..?


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