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Thread: Elebits

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    So does anyone have Elebits yet? It's been out in stores for several days now. I'm a few hours into it now and am having a lot of fun with it.

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    I haven't heard much about it.... can you give us a mini review?

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    I'm not even sure what type of game it is ^^" What do you think of it?

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    Whats the game all about?
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    Gamespot describes it as follows:

    "As a simplistic hybrid of a shooter and hide-and-go-seek, Elebits works best as a demonstration for what the Wii's motion sensing technology is capable of--though it's not a half bad game, either."

    It looks really interesting, especially the idea of "running amok" lol

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    Also you can take screenshots during the game and send them to people on your friend list (I'm not sure if they also need Elebits to view them though, I think they do). Also there's a level editor where you can make your own levels and send those to your friends also.

    The description as a hyrbid shooter/hide-n-seek is pretty close. It also has hints of Katamari Damacy too.

    I'll give a more detailed description a little later, I'm short on time right now.

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    katamari for the wii would be awesome. although i don't know what else you can but roll around your room...

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    its gotten some good buzz. i bought it for my brother for xmas so ill let yall know what i think on the 26th.

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    Here's an overview of many reviews along screenshots and links to longer reviews.

    Personally, I've been enjoying it a lot. I go back and forth between Elebits and Zelda for the most part lately.

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    And here's a link to some IGN videos, including their video review.

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