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Thread: need cIOS249 rev14 apparently

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    need cIOS249 rev14 apparently

    hi im new to this but i wanna up grade my wii to version 4.1 i have it softmodded by the way and i need the file that has cIOS249 rev14 wot ever that is lol i have tried to get it from a thread on this site but alas it was dead so if anyone can give me a link i would b gratefull

    also this is where i get stupid i softmodded my wii with wii softmodding for dummies 4.1 i doubt it but does that mean my wii is already 4.1 or more probably the version of guide that was written

    thanks for any help at all

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    yea thats the one i read before but the link for cIOS249 rev14. doesn,t work so thats wot i need where else can i get it from ????

    thanks for ur help

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    Try this one Use Network Installation as it comes without IOS38xx.wad
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