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Thread: System update and wiikey 2

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    System update and wiikey 2

    I have wikey 2 installed and have played games like wii sports resort and tiger woods okay. I would like to play super mario bros but i am unable to read disc.
    Is is okay to do a system update on my Wii?
    Would this able me to play SMB?
    Thanks in advance
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    anybody have an answer?
    I cant play the

    It keeps saying The system files are corrupted please report to nintendo. The system files are fine
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    The last time i could not play games like tiger woods and wii sports resort i did a system update and they played fine. Is it okay to do a system update now?#
    Any advice on getting this game working

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    I have just checked my system and i am on 3.4E, is this the reason why i cannot load the game at all?

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    Thanks for nothing guys
    i thought this was the place to come to for advice
    what a mistake that was!!!!!!

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    I'm running 4.0u. I just updated WiiKey2 to version 1.3 and NSMB plays from the drive, but I had to apply wiiBrickBlocker to get around the system updates.

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    i wouldn't even respond to him. bumping his post evry 15 min and saying thanx for nothing.

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    rofl @ that, THANKS FOR NOTHING LMFAO!!!


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