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Thread: Snes/Sega/nes/n64 games as Channels

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    Question Snes/Sega/nes/n64 games as Channels

    Is there a way to put the Snes/Sega/nes/n64 games as wii Channels? i put all my wii games as channels but i try that program for other types of games that arent wii games and i couldnt... is there any programs to do so? if so i think is going to be a fowarded and does not put the whole game at the channel but you have to put it on a sd card or usb where do i put the game? because my ubs that is formated for wii games does not let me put other file rather than wii games... thanks

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    I'm a noobie here but you could refer to I am going to try this myself this evening. I have already had some success with this already.

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    thanks ill try it this afternoon to ill let you know if it works and if i have problems...thanks

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    nope customizeMii is not a program to put your games like a channel... at least i coulnt

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    You can use customizemii to install channels, but you have to have the games already installed and you have to use a sd card in your pc which also has your games on it. The best way is to track down copies of the games as wiiware, you can then install the wad files for these through wad manager.

    I found a collection, here ya go...

    If you install jdownloader and copy all these links, you will be able to download the full collection. However, you can also delete ones you don't want if bandwidth is an issue. One thing I'll point out though is for some reason to play n64 games you need a classic controller or gamecube controller I think, I couldn't quite figure out how to get them working. All the others are fine with the wiimote.

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    can you explain to me how to install the game to the wii please... thanks

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    Quote Originally Posted by edgsoccer View Post
    can you explain to me how to install the game to the wii please... thanks
    put the wads into the wad folder on your sd card, load up wad manager and install.

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