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Thread: Help please

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    Help please

    I hacked my wii about 2 months ago through this link

    Which works great but iv got gamma saved with my channel section. I tried to launch a game via the homebrew channel but when i clicked on it all my menu options have disappeared like trechabug restorer and all the others that i was told to install in link above.

    I can play games but just wondered why i had lost it all and also should i update my hbc to 1.0.6

    Thanks in advanced ( i am new to all this and dont understand alot thats talked about so please make it as simple as poss for me to understand )

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    You do have sd card in wii right?

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    no i didnt but i did try with it in and still nothing

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    Does the sd card still have all the folders in it ?

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    Im so stupid , i had the wrong memory card in

    thank you for actually getting me to try again


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