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Thread: Mario still not working..!

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    Mario still not working..!

    Hi everyone, i'm hoping there's someone out there that can help me....

    I've spent the last 2 days tryin to get the new mario bro's to work on my wii, at first i was getting the error 002 message that a lot of people seem to report. I followed some suggestions from forums and downloaded the neogamma R7 launcher and cIOS38_rev14-Installer. This resulted in the screen turning green for a second then returning back to the menu screen. Next up i downloaded the gamma 002 error fix with sound ( i saw this on a youtube video), this timeit was the old error 002 message again..! The last thing i tried was to download a copy of the new mario bro's that had a patch included. I installed the patch using ppf o-matic 3 (this came with the download) and now all that happens is the game tries to load then freezes on a green screen.

    I am a noob but did manage to install the softmod on a few wii's. If anyone can help me with this frustration you'd be a life saver.

    Thanks in advance

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    Have you tried downloading and using the Neogamma R8 beta 12 loader? I was having the same problems that you seem to be having and this worked for me. This loader allowed me to take an unpatched version of the game and play it from my USB HDD. If you are trying to play this game from a backup DVD, I don't think that has been figured out yet. You can find the Neogamma R8 beta 12 loader by using google or searching the posts on this site. Then just use WAD manager to load the WAD onto your wii.

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    better still, read the damn guide! (thats the guide on this website, linked in my sig, not some random guy on youtube!)

    we dont need MORE NSMB threads, there is already far too many!


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