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Thread: I plann to buy a bricked wii....

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    I plann to buy a bricked wii....


    I plann to buy a wii, but I do not have so many money to spend on this.
    I saw on auction internet web page that there are a lot of bricked wii to buy for good price. For me it is no problem to solder a mod chip.
    My question is, can every bricked wii boot a system (from cd or usb or sd card) if the wii has a mochip inside ??
    If not, wich kind of bricked wii is good to buy hopping to take it alive ??


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    Buying an already bricked wii is basically pointless. If the console doesnt have preloader installed along with bootmii, you really cant do anything with it unless you plan on shipping it to nintendo to fix it.
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    Unless has he states, he solders a autobooting chip to it and runs the repair disc.

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    Any full brick is unrecoverable using a modchip. Only a banner brick would be recoverable.
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    Thanks for the reply...

    How is exactly de boot sequence of the wii, and where exactly start and what does the modchip ?
    Is there a wiki where such things are explained for the wii ?
    I started reading about this but I am little bit confuse as all information I saw are dispatched on the net, and it seems to be a big package of information to learn at once for someone new in the wii world.
    Thanks in advance
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    Well like tealc said if the console has a banner brick, youll be able to fix that. Basically with a banner brick, youll still be able to power it on. Some channels wont work. Settings menu might not even open. But as long as the system starts up to the menu, you can fix that brick. The bricks that arent able to be fixed are those that when powered on, give no output whats so ever, just a black screen. Those you would need preloader or bootmii installed prior to the brick. I have bootmii installed and how that works is I have the entire bootmii program and my backup nand on an sd card. I would pop that into the console and boot it up. Bootmii is set up to automatically run BEFORE the system menu. Youll be given some options. You can start bootmii itself, start HBC, or start wii system menu. Obviously you cant start system menu. You can start HBC if something is needed to be installed to unbrick the console. You can start bootmii and transfer your nand from the sd card back onto your wii. Once your nand is back on the console, you should be good to go. BUT if there was no preloader or bootmii installed on the console prior to the brick and the brick is a full brick, the system is useless.
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    It's something like boot0-boot1-boot2-System Menu

    An autobooting modchip while using savemii/savemiifrii loads after boot2 and loads instead of System Menu, the recovery console is a sub menu of the full system menu. Without the autobooting function the Wii will not load the disc you put in.

    Buying a bricked Wii might sound like a good idea but they are on eBay for a very good reason, they were probably unrecoverable.
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    Thanks again for all infos.
    its only theories but if you take out a nand (hardware) from a working bootmii (boot2) wii and put it in a fully bricked wii.
    Than, it would be possible to extract the necessary keys from the bricked wii, after reencode a valid nand for the bricked wii and swap again the nand with hte reconstructed one ?????

    Or there is a check for the validity of the nand before boot2 (bootmii) stage ??

    It should maybe possible with one working hacked wii to be able to take alive a bricked one mit some combination of hardware/software works.
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    its too much of a trouble... yet i think there is an app that does inject the nand... dont remember the name not the details... but you will need the key to the nands encryption, which is impossible to get

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    As I have understand, without a hacked wii it is not possible to inject something in nand.. As I read from one previous post, to this you need a modchip and preloader installed. Is it true ?
    You mean that's impossible to get by soft ?
    I know a nand swap coud be very difficul but with the patience and good material, it is possible to do.
    Do you think with this hardware trick, that's possible to retrieve those very important keys ?
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