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Thread: Usb loader problem !!

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    Usb loader problem !!

    Hi i just installed usbloader gx and also neogamma r7 . I have softmodded my wii and i put a modchip in my wii . But my question is : i have a portable wd hard drive 250 gb , its only with usb (no power supply , it doesnt need it = portable) . I tryed several times with neogamma r7 and usbloader but it doesnt seems to find it it just counts down 30 secs and nothing happens. i formatted the disk with wbfs manager 3.0

    Please someone help me

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    guys please help me !! I really want to play new super mario bros

    and btw i have a old system menu (before the sd card thingy in the left corner )

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    some hhd don't work. better use flash drive.

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    hmm thanx guys i checked it and mine is Western Digital 250 GB My Passport Essential and it says it works . What now ?

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    You do have it on the left most usb port right?

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    oops sorry guys i was wrong i have the 80 gb Western Digital Passport and the list says it doesnt work


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