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Thread: 4.2J full brick after downgrade to 4.1J, bootmi/boot still installed, no nand backup

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    4.2J full brick after downgrade to 4.1J, bootmi/boot still installed, no nand backup

    I tried the sticky article but it does not work for me...

    My Wii is the very first generation of Jap console, WiiKey installed on dvd rom

    After (carelessly) upgrading to 4.2J, cross region disc loading is gone, that prompts me to downgrade to 4.1J

    I installed 4.1 IOS60 and 4.1J System Menu (reading from somewhere that this is all I need to downgrade), I then get a fully bricked Wii, but I do not have nand backup before doing the downgrade

    I then tried to reinstall 4.2 IOS 60 stub, IOS 70, 4.2J System Menu, hoping I can get it back to 4.2J, but no luck, still black screen

    I still have bootmi/boot2v4, and I can still run wad manager 1.5

    At the moment, I have to use Wad Manager 1.5 Mod3 because Wiimote is not longer syncing, and I need a Wad Manager that can use GC controller.

    During my downgrade and re-upgrade, I was loading IOS249 as the basis in wad manager

    1) Is there a procedure of cleaning the nand and rebuilding the whole thing from scratch? Like installing the full set of IOS in a certain order to bring my Wii back to factory settings? If so, is there a guide anywhere? One for bricked Wii rather than a functioning Wii.

    2) Or my only option is to use my key.bin and someone else nand.bin to completely reflash my nand? I am not sure where to find such an old compatible nand, especially it is Jap version. I dumped my key.bin and nand.bin AFTER the brick, I suppose key.bin is still valid and my nand is messed up.

    Thank you very much for any help. I really regret not reading enough, i.e. backup nand first before doing anything...

    Thanks very much in advance!

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    I uninstalled system menu and removed setting.txt, hence black screen...

    Thanks very much to BlackAce83 for pointing it out

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    have you tried using NUS downloader to get all the necessary files that you need for your Wii?

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    Try to replace your settings.txt with this
    Then reinstall the system ios and menu of your choice, try 4.1.
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