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Thread: unable to load other backups

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    Unhappy unable to load other backups

    4.2e softmoded using excellent guide.but cod reflex works perfect but others used to work[f1 2009] but unable to read disc now[unable to read disc-black screen] after going through loader.sometimes it loads then black screen -unable to read disc]
    neo gamma v7 iocos38 rev 14 i need to add more ios or help please

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    sounds more liek a bad burn/bad iso problem tbh. What media are you using? what speed are you burning at? what program are you using to burn?

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    your IOS should be fine, you are on 4.2 this makes it more difficult to update some IOS's as most hte hacks were made prior to 4.2.. this should not be a problem.

    my suggestion for a quick try, is use a different loader.
    in the following order.
    neogamma 8 rev 14 OR 15
    ULoader 3.1
    cioscorp 3.5

    as for wiicoverflow and uloader, they require a usb drive in the system, uloader can play games strait from disk, better than neogamma IMHO but it wont start with out a usb stick.
    even a 256 should work. just to trigger it to start.

    also these games could be a little older, you could jump back your CIOS 38 if you like to rev10 or so. just download the CIOS38 installer, it will use 249 and downgrade. this is a last option however, most people are highly against IOS downgrades except for 15 and 249
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