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Thread: Really stuck now helpp ! Please !

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    Really stuck now helpp ! Please !

    ive been reading this tutital since yesterday morning trying every way witch to get 4.2 hacks crack or even downgraded

    right heres my problem

    -------------------- on this part of the Tuturial-----------------------
    B1) GET THIS PACK(Thanks to Dogeggs, he sure made the trick... this will probably work for anyone) or GET THIS PACK 2 or GET THIS PACK 3 (pick start with the first one, if you get an error pick the next one and follow instructions from B2 and on again. One of this will do the trick without an error. If still nothing, try this)

    did all this section in red Nothing worked ,and moved onto try this in blue

    now im on the Try this Section

    1) After installing Homebrew Channel, Rename the tbrboot.dol on your sd card to boot.dol and load the Channel and press home and load bootmii, this will load Trucha Bug Restorer, press B to choose No IOS Reload. Go to Downgrade IOS15 and press A to downgrade. Everytime it says "Load IOS from SD Card" press A on the wiimote.

    the section is Red is where i am now

    it loads the trucha bug restorer no problem but how so i select 1s015 everytime i press a button it just goes back to Wii menu

    someone please help its getting me down now


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