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Thread: Home Brew Channel Displaying Upside Down!

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    Exclamation Home Brew Channel Displaying Upside Down!

    I just started softmodding my wii v 3.1u and I completed dogeggs step of downgrading to ios15 and then when I installed ios36 patches (all three) my HBC is now upside down!? What do I do? Will this correct itself?

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    Hello there,
    I had the same thing a few days ago. I reinstalled HBC and everything was fine at that level.
    Give it a try.

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    I am a real noob, how do I go about reinstalling HBC?

    I'm seeing stuff like this refrenced a lot. A few places say to do this:

    They say it's a problem when you try to update firmware to 4.1 but I didn't do that?

    EDIT: ok sorry, it really wasn't that big of a deal to reinstall I was just freaking out cause it's my friends box. I reinstalled HBC by just following that guides steps to get you to the point to choose to install HBC, I just chose install HBC again and all is right with the world ... for now! haha

    If I Completed steps 2 & 3 of the tutorial and then reinstalled HBC, do I need to do steps 2 & 3 again?
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    no this should be fine now ... Just continue with the following steps and read it carefully before doing the advised steps.
    Good luck !


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