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Thread: My Disc channels says I need to update, out of nowhere?

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    My Disc channels says I need to update, out of nowhere?

    I've had a wasabi chip for quite awhile, just recently softmodded on 4.2u, and everything has been fine been playing NSMB, VC, wiiware etc. Wiiconnect24 is off, and now my disc channel says that I need to update, no matter if it's mario or another game in.

    and now when i go into my sd card, usually bannerbomb would pop up asking me to run it (even tho the boot is gone) and then the wii would freeze. it was working fine.

    anyone have any ideas?

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    Sounds like the chip is going bad or something. I don't have a chip'd wii, so its just a guess. I'd look into something of that sort just incase.

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    First off... whatever you do... DON'T UPDATE.

    I'm guessing NSMB sneaks some sort of anti-hack stuff in (you're the 2nd or third person to mention this.)

    Make sure all your IOS are patched and that you have all of them (as well as CIOS) installed.

    I'm on 3.2 and have NSMB and haven't heard a peep out of my disc channel.

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    You should have updates blocked using preloader.
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    Quote Originally Posted by mauifrog View Post
    You should have updates blocked using preloader.
    Yeah, that would do it.

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    did you mess with the ioses anyway? sounds like it

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    im sorry for jumping in but why dosn't my wii play dvd-rw burnt games.i dont want to waste them.i have 19 left but i just wanna ask can a wii play dvd-rw disc.

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    completely off topic... can t you use the search button?

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    yeh i've done the trucha bug restore and the cios install. i think maybe it was because i deleted the photo channel 1.1 or something. but anyways, i updated anyways, and everything is working fine.

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    well, that was a nice way for you to brick... anyway

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