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Thread: (DVD Read Error 1101)

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    (DVD Read Error 1101)

    Im new to this site, and would like to say hello...

    i have just installed Hbc, and having issues with running free games.
    I have downloaded, the new super mario torrent, which gave me 4 files as rar's,
    In each file i have
    and ws_nsmb_pal_multi5.1so This file is 4,699,979 in size, i have copied this at a slow speed using cd burner xp, then use neo gamer to playthe game, i then get this error...
    (DVD Read Error 1101) which i have read could be to the disc i am using?
    as im new to this i thought i could get some help

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    Step by step Guide to downloading,burning to disc back up games

    Hello, Can anyone help ???
    i have looked over the tutorials, maybe i missed what i am after.But i need an idiot guide to
    1 downloading games,
    2 how to create an iso of a game (if not already done from the download) as i have 4 rar files each containing an iso??? of over 4 gig ? but gives me error 1101
    using neo gamer??

    3 i use cd xp copier to create the dvd's)

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    pretty sure that is a media error. You may need to use a different DVD. Search google or this site for that error code, there is a whole thread somewhere on each of the error codes and what they mean

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    did you un rar the files then burn as an iso using imgburn or similar program?

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    ok.. 2 mebbe 3 days ago i had same problem but sum1 helped me n told me the easiest way to do it n it worked so here goes d/l the files obviously lol make a folder on ur desktop called wii games drag ur files in there n then rightclick n click extract here n then the biggest file is ur iso i then used nero n changed file types at the bottom to iso .nrg. img n went into the folder called wii games and it found it str8 away then click burn and write at 6x :P ohhh and use dvd-r discs

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    right just purchased some dvd-r's
    copied the .iso and lets see if neogammer gives me an error... fingers crossed ...

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    We have progress, super mario is displayed after using, dvd -r media
    Now i have another problem, which is

    Wheni click on the new super mario bros screen, i get the option to wii menu or start, well when i click start i get a black screen ]
    then the wii reboots !! i am also using neo gamer r7 ios249 (rev14) also have neogamer r8 ios249 r14 still get the green screen and the wii reboots
    Any help would be great

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    All fixed now working copy of Mario + Mario Galaxy
    in true newby style i posted when all i needed to do was search the forums, and well do what the guides say,

    copied disc at x1 speed. booted using neo gammer, even got the games working via usb loader, wicked !!!!


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