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Thread: D2C-PRO Help Please!!

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    D2C-PRO Help Please!!

    I have just received my D2C-PRO Solder less version and I am am having trouble installing it. Are their some LEDs on the chip so I know when its connected to the Wii Circuit boaord? Is it really that easy to line up over the chip as I cant get it to work with any of my backups?

    Please help...!!

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    I have installed 2 of these chips so far and they are great once you get them to work. The part that clips onto the chip has to be pushed down FIRM over the chip with the D2Cpro chip end covering the hole on the dvd drive. Make sure it is facing the right way and that it is firmly pressed on. Both that I have modded did not work on the first try.

    I recommend putting the chip in and not completly closing up the wii. Just flip the dvd drive back over and don't even put the screws back in that hold the dvd drive down until you make sure the chip is working. Once you verify that it is playing both real and back-ups then you can put everything back together. Also the first time you go to put a back-up in it may say "You have an error, to eject the disc and power off the wii" This seems to be normal and has happened on both that I modded. When powered back on everything should be fine.

    Let me know how you make out and if there is anything else I can help with.

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    Ok so I have realised I have some lifted pads from a previous install (SEE PHOTO). Will this effect the D2CKeyPRO Solderless Version.


    I have marked on this board where I have lifted pads.

    Any help appreciated.


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