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Thread: Black Screen - Sequence of errors

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    Black Screen - Sequence of errors

    Hello friends...

    I have a modded wii, and commited many mistakes today..

    I downloaded a pal New Super Mario and updated my Ntsc wii and got semi-brick.

    Even semi-bricked, I installed neogamma and the game worked fine.

    Feeling powerful I decided to repair my semi-brick. Thinking that Super Mario installed a 4.2 Update, I imported the 4.2U wad and installed. Reading that Super Mario installs a 4.1U, I installed 4.1U with Wad Manager, and now I have the black screen.

    The light of power is green, and the drive spins. But only this.....

    I do not have preloader, but have Bootmii on IOS (not on boot 2). I have a chip but donīt know what chip is (donīt have autoboot).

    The only solution is try Savemiifrii? And I need to mod the GC controller or I can try Savemefrii with the controller unopened?

    Many mistakes...I deserved.

    Thanks for the help

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    Please, someone to help?


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