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Thread: Replacing Lite-on DG-16 Drive

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    Replacing Lite-on DG-16 Drive

    Hello, my disc drive was acting gay and not reading cod6 or basically any other game so i took my xbox 360 apart in hopes to replace the disc drive. I have found that I currently have a Lite-on Dg-16 drive installed and have already ordered a replacement of the same drive. I have no hardware or software tools, and now need someone who has replaced these drives before to help me find the cheapest way to do so and maybe walk me through it. I have looked up many tutorials but I am still a little confused. Thankyou for your time.

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    Well, you're gonna have to dump the key from the Lite-on, and that's considerably expensive. You're gonna have to buy a CK3, CK3 Probe (unless you want to solder on your drive, and that's pretty stupid considering the probe is only $15 and has no chance of breaking the drive), and probably a VIA SATA card, and an unlock tool would make things much easier.

    But I suppose I could walk you through it if you're willing to buy all that stuff...

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    ok im willing to spend around 40 bucks or so so idk how much all of that will cost but hopefully its under or around that range.. My computer has 6 sata ports on the mb so i have that if thats the card ur talking about, but im not too sure what u mean when u say unlock tool? could u give me an example

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    Try this first. Take the PCB(the green board with the wires plugged in) and swap it from the old drive to the new one. If you still cant read games, you will need to take the key off of the old one, and inject it into the new one, which can be done without any tools so long as its an old version liteon(7485,8385)


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