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Thread: TwilightHack Problems - I'm a Ver 4.2U

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    Unhappy TwilightHack Problems - I'm a Ver 4.2U

    Hey everyone! I am new to the site and am looking for some help. I recently wanted to start burning Wii games so I fired away on google and found a bunch of links. Nearly all of the tutorials mentioned installing Homebrew via the Twilight hack. I went step by step, but always had issues. I noticed the tutorials were always for Wii versions of 3.3 and below or 3.4. I just looked a minute ago and unfortunantly have a stupid version of 4.2! Is this why my efforts of using the twilight hack are not working?

    Currently I will save a game and have a file on the wii. I will go and delete that and copy from the SD card my twilight hack USA file, but it always says "The file may not have been copied" I start the game and sure enough there are no saved files.

    Now I have not heard or read any guide that talks about versions above 3.4 and I think I read somewhere that a 4.2 cannot be modded with software such as Homebrew. Is this correct? Is this why I cannot get the hack on and get up and running?

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    read the 4.2 guide linked in my sig.

    Twilight hack is older than me......


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