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Thread: How do I create a .CHT file for SNES emulator?

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    Question How do I create a .CHT file for SNES emulator?

    Here is the game genie code. What exactly do I have to do to create a cht file?

    Its for the SNES emulator for WII. Otherwise I would of just putted manually as code into regular snes emulator for pc.

    So, how do I take this code and turn into a cht file? Is there a tool I am supposed to use?


    Help appreciated, thank you and god bless.
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    I think you can change the extension of a .txt file with the codes written in and change or save as .cht and then see if the emulator is able to read it, I may be wrong I've not emulated SNES for a while.


    In SNES9x you can enter them into the cheat manager and save them they will be saved in the correct format ignore my previous rubbish! once you restart the rom with the same name the values will be entered.
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