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Thread: drivekey questions

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    drivekey questions

    Firstly, Hullo everyone!

    Secondly, Iwould like a little advice please.

    I have just fitted a drivekey into my wii, it works fine-I can access the menu and everything.

    I tried to run some backup games-
    Mario galaxy
    Resident evil 4

    And none of them worked, I was starting to despair and think I was doing something wrong. But then the last game I tried, resident evil, worked!

    So what do you chaps think is wrong with all the other games?

    Iam using imageburn, with cheap asda x16 DVD+ discs.
    The slowest that imageburn will burn to them is x4.

    Any advice would be greatly appreciated and Iam sorry if my questions have been answered elsewhere, or if my post is in violation of the forum's rules.



    edit- After looking at this site some more I have found an answer, it would appear that everyone reccomends using dvd-r disc.

    Although using my + discs I have had another success-Indiana jones lego 2 works.
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    I have ascertained the reason some games run and some don't.
    Despite the drivekey saying it will run games from any region only PAL games work.

    I believe itmay have something to do with my fw being 4.2.

    Is there any thing I can do to play NTSC stuff?

    thanks in advance,




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