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Thread: import games on 4.2u with usbloader gx

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    import games on 4.2u with usbloader gx

    i want to know if i had to do something special with import games i use 4.2u with usbloader gx most recent one and use wbfs to load my games to the hard drive

    when i downloaded i was ask to use brick block but the download is very old so if any one could help me with full details please if can thanks in advance

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    To play out-of-region games, neither BrickBlocker nor RegionFrii are really needed much anymore. When you use WBFS to install the game to the HDD a lot of extraneous material is not copied from the ISO, including the update partition-so no message demanding that an update be performed.

    To play an out-of-region game using USB Loader GX-go to the settings menu - first setting of choice is to set the Video Mode to force the video feed to your own region. Example: to play a PAL game on an NTSC Wii, set Video Mode to FORCE NTSC.


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