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Thread: Tidbit - A better search method for newbie's

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    Lightbulb Tidbit - A better search method for newbie's

    If you are having trouble finding results you need within minutes, instead of hours, then this might help you.

    Typically a website search engine never works as well as Google. What some don't know, you can use Google to search a specific site only. The command structure is:

    [site] [keyword]

    So if you want to search on softmodding for example, then it would look like: softmod

    This command can be used for any site. If for some reason you used [site] [keyword] and the search results were not site specific, then add "site:" and search again. Or to phrase in a different way… if your search results were not related to the site that you wanted to search, then you would add [site:] in front of the website's name.

    site: softmod (no space between keyword site: and the website's name. DO add a space in-bewteen website's name & search word)

    NOTE: Most of the time you will not need to add the word [site:] because Google knows what you want and will pull from cached pages. Chance are someone already did that before you. If a site has never been searched by Google, then you probably will need to add [site:] to receive the desired results.

    Looking at the results from our above example... As you can see, Google will display the one it thinks is closest to what you have asked for and then add up to 4 more sub-links under the main one, with a final link for the option of seeing additional results if they exists.

    If Google returns a lot of results with something you didn't want, then add a minus sign in front of the word you DO NOT want to see displayed.

    In Google, if you add these words:

    review Prince of Persia

    You will likely see IGN as the first or second result. If you want to look at everyone's review "except" IGN then you would add:

    review Prince of Persia -ign

    and "IGN" webpages will not display anywhere in the results.

    This also comes in handy when you're torrent searching and you do not want NTSC or PAL to display.

    "torrent" Prince of Persia -PAL or "torrent" Prince of Persia -NTSC

    When using Google, the less words you use - the better the results. Try to keep it at 1-3 words only. If you need to find something specific like a phrase, then add quotes around it to make it a string. This is also true whenever you expect your results to have a certain keyword.

    Searching with one specific keyword (using our above example):

    "torrent" Prince of Persia

    By adding quotes around torrent, you are telling Google that the word "torrent" must be displayed in every result. If you use quotes around a group of words, then you are telling Google to display results that have ALL the words in that group - and in the same order.

    NOTE: Google will display the group of words out of order but they usually are a few pages deep OR it's displayed because many people have requested that particular webpage.

    Searching by phrase:

    Try typing in Albert Einstein and you get all kinds of information from a variety of resources. Say you were looking for a specific quote. (One of my favorites):

    We can't solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them.

    Now let's assume that you only remember the words "same kind of thinking". Then in Google you would add:

    "Einstein" quote "same kind of thinking"

    Since we have 2 sets of quotes, you are telling Google to search on Einstein first and then within those results, pull up the second parameter "same kind of thinking". When Google finalizes its search, as you can see, the first item listed in the results is exactly what we were looking for.

    Hope that helps someone.
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    should put this info in a pop-up window for ppl lol


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