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Thread: Cover floader install

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    Cover floader install

    Ok, so i used this video watch?v=Mj0-FJfYFP8
    I downloaded all the files, and i open them in homebrew I see
    Cover Floader

    When I run Cios36 rev 10 I install with wad install, it says reading cios36-64-v1042.wad then it continues but at the bottom it says Installing tivket...ERROR (ret=-2011)
    so i restart and thats all that happens.

    When i try installing WAD manager, i dont have the cios so it doesnt work.

    When i hit Cover floader on the homebrew page, it loads and then just reloads the homebrew page.

    What do I do? Can someone help me?

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    cmon no one will help me?


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