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Thread: NSMB - Anyone else got the same problem as me?

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    Question NSMB - Anyone else got the same problem as me?

    I have DriveKey installed and burned the ISO (BAHAMUT PAL Release) I am able to get it to boot so I can see The "logo" of SuperMario Bros and when I "Click" it I get the "Menu and Start" screen but when I choose "Start" the picture flickers and returns back to the previously screen! (Same as if I should have chosen Menu instead..)

    Anyone else got this? All my other games are PAL releases and they still works great....

    Thanks in advance...

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    DriveKey doesn't work for now. Either you softmod your Wii or wait.

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    read the guide linked in my sig.

    No need for more NSMB threads asking the same questions as the last 999999.


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