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Thread: Should 3.2u people upgrade to 4.0u for SDHC 8gb?

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    Should 3.2u people upgrade to 4.0u for SDHC 8gb?

    what are the pros and cons if I decide to upgrade my 3.2 to 4.0 for 8gb sd card support. its not modded at the moment. new console.
    trying to decide if I should upgrade and use 8gb and I just dont want to regret later. please help. thanks.

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    Sometimes the wii is a pain in the butt with SDHC cards. Personally Im staying on 3.2u because I dont use alot of channels or wads so it would be pointless of me to do that. The only difference is that 4.0 gives you that sd menu and lets you do the wiiware/vc off the sd i believe.
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